Vocalmente 2016 - What's in this year ?

Dear Friends of Vocalmente !

We are so happy to announce our programme for this summer’s Vocalmente Festival.

This will be the third edition and we are proud that Vocalmente has established itself as so quickly in Fossano, in the region of Piemonte and in Italy as a major vocal festival. We’re grateful to have the support of the Fondazione, the city, and the people of Fossano -  and we have set firm roots in short time. The best symbol of this is Aca Casa - the offer to our camp participants to stay in host families. Last year was the launch of the project and the sucess and positive feedback has been overwhelming. What a great way to make connections and build friendships between our visitors from around the world and the people of Fossano . And this year will be even more international as the word spreads around Europe.

It’s a great pleasure to welcome The Swingle Singers as our festival headliner - the group needs no introduction, with 53 years of history and 5 Grammies under their belts. The group has maintained its reputation for excellence and originality and is considered in 2016 to be amongst the most exciting and innovative groups to see live. The group has always had a special bond with italian audiences and a great relationship with italian musicians and personalities like Piero Angela or the late Luciano Berio.

Our Friday night act are Slixs, a funky and fun six-piece. Slixs is probably the grooviest act ever to come out of Germany - Bobby McFerrin chose them as his touring vocal group for his ‘Vocabularies’ tour - and they are great entertainers.

On Sunday, you are in for a treat with Women of the World - four female performers, who hail from different corners of the world and who bring their traditional songs to create a mesmerising show full of warmth, taking you on a musical journey.

In 2014, they won the Harmony Sweepstakes, (the most important US A Cappella Competition) and have been touring around the world ever since then.

The cornerstone of our festival is of course the Single Singers Camp - This gives you a chance to learn some of their music, get insights into the techniques, get to know the tips and tricks - while working on some of fundamental skills of a cappella singing. Similar to last year, participants will get a chance to perform with the group on stage - and record and video a festival song !

We also decided to add another element to our educational programme aimed at ambitious a cappella groups that want to get intensive coaching: A Cappella groups can apply to be part of the

Vocalmentor Programme and have the chance to work on their own repertoire. Peder Karlsson and  Katarina Henryson (both founding members of the Real Group) have great experience in helping groups to develop and improve. The groups get a chance to perform on our Castle Stage - so they can apply what they have learned straight away. We can accept only 6 groups this year - so make sure to get your application in early !

And if you come as in individual singer and would like to perform some great music with others - please join again the Single Singers. Anyone can join and after a few rehearsals during the  Emily May 't Hoen  and Annemarie Homan conceived the idea at a Camp with the Single Singers in Italy and organised the first Single Singers for the London  A Cappella Festival - since then the idea has spread like wildfire to festivals around the globe so it’s wonderful to have them back here in Italy.

Check out the page for more info and get in touch !

Vocaloops 2015 was the first ever A Cappella Loop Station Competition and a huge success, giving Loop Artists from around Europe a platform to showcase and compete. We are looking forward to hosting this great event again.

If you have been to an A Cappella or Vocalmente Festival before, you will know that the singing never stops.. and we hope you will share your singing either on the street (at the Singers Corner) , at the Vocalmente Jam in the Castle at night. If you’d like to to perform with your group on the Castle Stage, please do get in touch to apply for a slot. The atmosphere is wonderful and the courtyard is always packed - you will have a warm and attentive audience !

We look forward to welcoming you back at the Festival - feel free to share with your friends and fellow singers and see you in Fossano in the August !


Best wishes,

Tobias Hug & The Festival Team

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