Vocal Ensemble Masterclass of the King's Singers

In April, due to an invitation of the AGV Munich, I had the pleasure and honour to take part at a Vocal Ensemble Masterclass of the famous King’s Singers. The coaches have been Countertenor David Hurley, Tenor Julian Gregory and Bass Jonathan Howard.

The coached ensembles were: Bolongaro Sextett, Stimmgold, 6 FOR CHORDS, hohes C, Ensemble Encore, Vox Aeterna. The workshops took place during a whole tuesday afternoon, in the evening was a concert in a full concert hall with hundreds of listeners. Every ensemble sang 10 to 20 minutes. After every performance the coaches told of their impressions of the workshop-day.

I had a blast. It was definitely a great experience to see the coaches interacting with the ensembles and how (or even if) the ensembles realized the recommendations of the coaches. Every ensemble did a great work during this afternoon. It was great to hear and see such talented voices. I got again convinced in my deepest credo, that the singing itself is not the only issue. Presentation, staging, a certain easiness and charme also play a big role in the world of entertainment. And entertainment and presenting classical music doesn’t exclude each other.

My personal favourites of the day were the ensembles Hohes C from Salzburg (which I already knew from the International A Cappella Competition in Graz and the Festival Sangeslust in Bayreuth) as well as Vox Aeterna from a grammar school in Amberg/Oberpfalz/Bavaria. Inspiring fresh performances!

Congratulations to the organizers of the AGV Munich. They are planning to continue with these Masterclasses next year, as I heard. Most likely LEVELELEVEN = The Real Group and Rajaton will be the coaches. Very good idea, guys. European Vocies Association will gladly support you with this as much as we can. We love education and networking.

Best vocal greetings

Peter M. Jacob
EVA Vice-Chairman

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