An Uruguayan in Denmark - pushing for south american vocal music

Vocal Sampling from Cuba

My name is Federico Trindade and I am a Uruguayan musician who has lived the past 14 years in Brazil and who is currently residing in Denmark studying a Master in Choir Conducting.

I have lived all my life by music and for music, however, until I learnt a little bit more about the world, I did not understand how important music, and not just for me. I had the opportunity to experience how music is such an important factor in the development of each one of us as an individual and as a part of the community, regardless of the nationality or culture. When working in groups, it becomes even more important as it allows us to change our view about the environment we live in and our place in that space. Music teaches us to have respect for something larger than ourselves and also for differences, helps us to develop leadership, teaches us to deal with the hierarchy and to adjust our behaviour when necessary for the common good, in addition to providing with friendships and partnerships. It also encourages patience, companionship and love for something in common, it teaches us to have confidence in ourselves and in those who are sharing the music with us, plus all the benefits scientifically proven that music alone provides to the body and mind.

Experiencing all these wonders that music is, and taking all our history of miscegenation of native cultures into account such as the influence of black nations mixed with European and Asian immigrants which gave us a rhythmic, melodic and creative wealth, it is a pity that in Brazil as elsewhere in Latin America music is not yet respected and valued (especially by Latin Americans people). Even without the necessary help to be able to fully develop our potential, we have excellent vocal groups and choirs who bravely struggle on a daily basis to enrich this cultural salad.

Here is a short list of many interesting groups, from my point of view, from various parts of Latin America (that unfortunately cannot be able to put all)... enjoy!

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- Vocal Sampling (Havana, Cuba) ->

- Sexto Sentido (Havana, Cuba) ->

- MPB4 (São Paulo, Brazil) ->

- ORDINARIUS (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) ->

-Grupo UPA! (Porto Alegre, Brazil) ->

- Céu da boca (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) ->

- Expresso 25 (Porto Alegre, Brazil) ->

- BeBossa (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) ->

- Br6 (Rio de janeiro, Brazil) ->

- Garganta profunda (RJ, Brazil) ->

- Vesper (São Paulo, Brazil) ->

- Quarteto em Cy (São Paulo, Brazil) ->

-Suite Montevideo (Montevideo, Uruguay) ->

- Drakar (Montevideo, Uruguay) ->

-BsAs 8 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) ->

- Cantoria de la Merced (Cordoba, Argentina) ->

- Estudio Coral (Buenos Aires, Argentina) ->

- Vocal feminino Túumben Paax (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico) ->

- Vocal Song (Venezuela) ->

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