2013 ACAs by CASA - european winners

The A Cappella Community Award is the award series by CASA where the whole a-cappella community are the voting crowd.

Here what you can read on www.casa.org about it: 
There are plenty of awards decided by the "experts" in a cappella, but the A Cappella Community Awards are the awards of the people. This is the opportunity to give some love to the a cappella stuff you enjoyed this year. If the CARAs are the Grammys of A Cappella, then the ACAs are the People's Choice Awards

We have compiled a list of award winning groups coming from Europe:



  • Favorite Jazz Group: Runner Up = The Swingle Singers

  • Favorite Classical Group: Winner = The Swingle Singers

  • Favorite Classical Group: Runner Up = King's Singers

  • Favorite Vocal Percussionist: Runner Up = Bellatrix (Boxettes)

  • Favorite Songwriter: Runner Up = Erik Bosio (Cluster)

  • Favorite European Group: Winner = Cluster

  • Favorite European Group: Runner Up = The Swingle Singers

EVA sends congratulations to all the winners !!!

For more information about the ACAs, please visit http://www.casa.org/content/acas.


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