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Leave your ego at the door: an interview with iNtrmzzo


Touring, all-male a cappella group seeks new singer. High-ish voice. Must have good personality and sense of humor. ABSOLUTELY NO BIG EGOS.

Bald singers preferred.

Since its formation in 1984 (as Intermezzo), Dutch group iNtrmzzo has had many iterations and many different members. The original members were students and sang primarily classical repertoire.  

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Vocal Ensemble Masterclass of the King's Singers

In April, due to an invitation of the AGV Munich, I had the pleasure and honour to take part at a Vocal Ensemble Masterclass of the famous King’s Singers. The coaches have been Countertenor David Hurley, Tenor Julian Gregory and Bass Jonathan Howard.

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Notes from the Lowlands - August 2015

E.V.A. ambassador for The Netherlands, Joep Hopstaken, singer in dutch vocal groups VPS KeK and ZiPPA, reports from the Dutch vocal delta.
Vocal Dane Drain
Every year a growing number of young Dutch choir directors is participating in Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus/Aalborg, Denmark (RAMA) where they will be trained to introduce nordic choir singing in the Netherlands and facilitate other developments.

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The EVA Action Plan 2015/16

After almost three years of EVA activities, we have realized both the potential of the European vocal music community and the difficulties of implementing all of the great ideas and suggestions coming from our members.

The European Voices Manifesto, signed by 80+ vocal music artists and organizers to prepare EVA’s foundation, gave us an inspiring vision of what we could achieve.


Local Blog #1: Made in Denmark

Made in Denmark

Many people associate Denmark with smørrebrød, LEGO or H.C. Andersen. In the last 20 years Denmark also developed its own a cappella brand. “Made in Denmark” is a sign for extraordinary musical quality, innovation und sincere expression. Names like Jens Johansen, Vocal Line, Ørehænger and Postyr became inspiring figures of the international choir scene.

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My thoughts on EVA Membership

I remember very well the "EVA Initiation Meeting" we had in Aarhus 2011. So many brilliant ideas about Contemporary a Cappella gaining mainstream acceptance and being part of school's curricula across the European borders. The big brains behind it ...Volker Bauer, Florian Städtler, Jim Daus Hjernoe and Peder Karlsson to mention a few have  slowly but surely been working on strategies, drawing talented musicians and music educators into the boat and networking across the whole of Europe. It is more than time for the people who this will most benefit to also jump on board and set sail.

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ItAcA – Italian A-cappella Project

Italian a-cappella community ready to rumble with ItAcA!

The project is going to turn the lights on in few days, after over a year of planning and discussing and singing! Dozens of singers, hundreds of audio tracks, an inedited composition and a mix of smartness, innovation and cheek!

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EVA Board and Guests Discuss New Membership Structure

Bayreuth (GER). Meeting at one of Germany’s most innovative vocal music events, “Sangeslust – the a cappella event”, the board of the European Voices Association along with a number of volunteers created a draft version of four new membership types to be voted on by the upcoming Annual General Meeting on December 9th, 2013.

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EVA Open 2013 Bayreuth

During the Sangeslust Festival in Bayreuth, a panel to discuss the future work of EVA and a place to learn more about the purpose, the people and the perspectives of the European Voices Association will be held.
we are happy to invite you to EVA Open 2013, a panel to discuss the future work of our organisation and a place to learn more about the purpose, the people and the perspectives of the European Voices Association.

EVA Open 2013 will take place on

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